SONOS - Fill You Home With Music !
Whether you want to listen to soft background music in the Dining Room or crank up the 80's hair metal in the Basement, a SONOS audio system is the answer. Audio components for the entire home can be located in one location and fed throughout the house. Place all your equipment in the basement or in a closet. No need for cluttered electronic components in every room.

SONOS Zoneplayers can be connected to in-ceiling, in-wall, bookshelf or a nice pair of tower speakers. For those rooms or areas where it is isn't possible or desired SONOS wireless speakers can be utilized. The Play1,Play3,and Play5 wireless speakers can act independently or be paired up to create a stereo pair and "SONOS Trueplay" measures the acoustics in any room–analyzing things like size, layout and furnishings. Then fine-tunes your Sonos speaker to make sure the music sounds great, no matter where you place your speaker. 

The SONOS Playbar and Subwoofer are a great addition for your new TV!
PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker design floods any room with super-realistic audio for games and movies, huge waves of live concert sound, and wireless streams of all the music on earth. And it all comes from one easy-to-use player that brings HiFi sound to your high-definition TV.
Fills an entire room with thick layers of deep, bottomless sound that lets you hear and feel every chord, kick, splash and roll. You won’t just hear the difference our wireless subwoofer makes – you’ll feel it in your bones

The SONOS app makes it all extremely simple to control on iOS and Android platforms.

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