SONOS - Fill You Home With Music !
Whether you want that Dolby Atmos Sonos Surround system or crank up the 80's hair metal in the Basement, a custom designed Sonos audio system is the answer.

The Sonos Arc Soundbar has become the premium smart soundbar in the industry. Paired with Sonos Sub and surround speaker options make it a great addition for your new TV! Sonos Beam offers huge sound for those smaller rooms as well. Both the Arc and Beam are Dolby Atmos capable.
Arc's 5.0.2 Speaker design floods any room with super-realistic audio for movies, huge waves of live concert sound, and wireless streams of all the music on earth.There are a total of a whopping eight elliptical woofers with three tweeters, and upward-firing speakers. When combined together, the Sonos Arc speaker delivers crystal clear and balanced sound for your TV shows and movies. Add a Sonos Sub and you won’t just hear the difference Sonos Sub makes – you’ll feel it in your bones!

Sonos Amp Zoneplayers can be connected to in-ceiling, in-wall, bookshelf or a nice pair of tower speakers. Sonos Port can be utilized for situations where a more robust amplifier is warranted or for adding that turntable to the system as well. For those rooms or areas where in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are not an option...Sonos wireless speakers can be utilized. Wireless speaker options include the Sonos One and Sonos Five. The Sonos Roam and Move offer the most flexibility as they are rechargeable and also Bluetooth as well. 

The SONOS app makes it all extremely simple to control on iOS and Android platforms.

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