Home Network and Wifi !
Welcome to 2022.......One thing we have all learned the past 2 years is that the Home Network is more critical than ever. Working from Home....Schoolwork from Home....or most critical the X-Box not connecting to the network! A Home covered in stable wifi just makes life better. 

Don't depend on your ISP whether its Fios, Altice, etc. They are needed to bring the Internet Service into the house,however that is where we want to take over and cover your entire house with stable wifi. 
Rock Solid will custom design a system for your home. 
We can remotely monitor the system.
All Systems require firmware updates on a regular basis. 
With Rock Solid monitoring and applying these updates you won't have to worry about the system being up to date.

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  • Is one part of the home not getting a strong wireless signal?......Yes....We can fix that too! 

  • How about adding a Networked printer to the home that everyone can share?.......No Problem!

Ask us about setting up your Rock Solid Home Network!
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