Structured Wiring
Whether you're building your dream home or doing a renovation, you need to consider structured wiring. It is best to do this while the home is being built and walls are open,but there are ways to do it after the fact. Structured wiring also adds value to your home.

Rock Solid's structured wiring helps you make the most of your home, letting you enjoy lifestyle enhancement and endless upgrade possibilities in the future. Rock Solid's intelligent structured wiring systems provide seamless, integrated control of security cameras, cable and satellite TV, audio and video, the Internet, and telephone. Have all your home's wiring go to one central location and have properly terminated in a clean wall enclosure.

Technology is rapidly charging forward and here at Rock Solid we are up with the current wiring needs for your home. Just because the "guy you know" can run wires....doesn't mean it's the correct wiring as we move forward in the digital age. Don't be caught short and be limited in the future, just because there wasn't the right wire in the right location. We know what wire to run for now and the foreseeable future.

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