Structured Wiring
Whether you're building your dream home or doing a renovation, you need to consider structured wiring. It is best to do this while the home is being built and walls are open,but there are ways to do it after the fact. Structured wiring also adds value to your home.

Rock Solid's structured wiring helps you make the most of your home, letting you enjoy lifestyle enhancement and endless upgrade possibilities in the future. Rock Solid's intelligent structured wiring systems provide seamless, integrated control of security cameras, cable and satellite TV, audio and video, the Internet,etc. Have all your home's wiring go to one central location and have properly terminated. 

Too many times we get a call for a new house or a newly renovated home and find that there is inadequate wiring. I am usually told "The Builder said this is what we needed. Everything is Wireless these days.....Isn't It ?" 
To be perfectly honest.....Your Builder,Electrician,and Alarm Guy have a 1% Chance of knowing what wiring is needed.I love them all,but AV/Networking is not what they do every day.

Take advantage of a Rock Solid Complimentary Survey to let you know what should be done.

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