The "Man Cave"
What's a "Man Cave"?  

"Man Cave" - A male sanctuary, a retreat, a place men can call their own. Where the rules of the home are not enforced. It is not a cave but rather a metaphor describing a room inside the house, such as the basement, garage, or attic without fear of upsetting any female sensibility about house decor or design. A place we can decorate with our favorite sports team colors and hang that 60" flat screen on the wall and yell at the screen with family and friends.

Your cave can be designed in many different ways. You pick the theme and we will take care of designing the Audio-Video entertainment aspect of your space.
Being a huge sports fan my entire life, this is an area that I am passionate about and really enjoy designing. We highly recommend the use of the DirecTv NFL Sunday Ticket to be part of the cave. The only way to see every NFL game on our NFL Sundays. The idea is to have the bells and whistles of the sports bar,but in your own home. Wouldn't it be nice to view 3,4,5,or all the games at one time. Maybe add a pool table with a view of the games as well. We will also provide you with easy to use automated control of the cave.

HOWEVER!!!! Man must have the smarts to allow the women and children the rights to enjoy the cave as well at times. After all guys...she will not allow this area to become reality without a ticket!

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